Autumn Edition

Nov 28th-Dec 2nd 2020

Gran Canaria – Spain

Get in touch with yourself and your unique talents through the benefits of yoga, nature walks, healthy eating and enlightening workshops .

(Edition postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions)

You are an achiever.

You’ve accomplished so much that sometimes you can’t help but wonder if you’ve left a part of yourself behind.

Now that financial goals don’t mean what they used to mean, you feel like maybe it’s time to come back home.

To return to yourself.

To keep being an achiever, accomplishing different goals.

You want to take some spiritual direction in your life.

You want to move with calm action, in a much more natural way.

To be able to take care of yourself and the ones you love without having to give up your career prospects.

To accomplish your biggest achievement. 

This type of achievement requires you to pay attention to 3 fundamental aspects:

energy, focus and direction.

Unfortunately, our overloaded daily life does not provide us with the necessary space for deep reflection, self-care and peace of mind.

Pure Clarity Canaries Workation is a 5 days experience to help you with those 3 aspects.


Healthy food,


quality rest,

inspiring socialization

and spiritual connetion

are the pillars of a life full of energy.

We will start each day with yoga practice guided by Libby Hargreaves.

We purify with hot lemon water and have a delicious nourishing breakfast with organic products.

After that, we will explore the nature of Gran Canaria through its natural trails letting this environment disolve our cognitive load.


Yoga practice and contact with nature will give you the perfect peace of mind to be able to see with CLARITY.

A noise cancelling experience to help you focus on what really matters.

Knowing where to focus is not an intellectual decision, it’s born from internal stillness.


We’ve prepared workshops to help you get the tools to create your own way inward and forward.

In these workshops you’ll learn

  • how the attention works and what can you do to be able to focus regularly on what makes the difference
  • how to communicate with yourself in order to enjoy your process be both compassionate and succesful,
  • breath and body awareness to stay aligned with your intention,
  • how to eat healthily to stay energized and happy,
  • mindful leadership for the greater good of all,
  • how to communicate with others to understand, connect and inspire,
  • self care rituals nurture yourself to be able to nurture others.

Stop checking your watch, start checking your compass.


We’ve been created as a part of nature, but our daily life is largely disconnected with direct contact with the earth.

The lack of contact with nature facilitates an inflamatory response in your body leaving you tired, achy and mentally fatigued.

Relaxed walks in nature bring us into balance, into an environment that we belong from an evolution point of view.

We’ll be guided by Nina Hoogland.

Nina is Swedish and has lived in Gran Canaria for 14 years, after traveling and living in many other parts of the world. She is a biologist, specialized in the environmental sector and an official guide of the Canary Islands. Her passions are hiking, traveling, yoga and nature, as well as local history and culture. She tries to make every day with each group special and interesting. She speaks Swedish, Spanish, English and French.


How can you, as a leader in the hectic life, bring in the contextual view and positive resilience to successfully complete the next stages.

And continue to provide strategy, business models, change course, human connections and skills with new vitality.

That requires groundbreaking leadership.

The skills and art of personal leadership, to focus and connect the course of yourself, your organization and your environment (pattern-breaking).

We’ll be guided by Dirk Van Raalte.

Dirk worked for a long time for the large Dutch consultancies, and then chose to focus entirely on the professional depth of the consultancy and leadership craft as an independent consultant.

Dirk is available to leaders as a race motivator, sounding board, window and mirror, wrong-way driver and jester. From a continuous dance around strategy, change and leadership. When Dirk first cycled in Gran Canaria he imagined himself in paradise, a feeling that he still has every cycling day in Gran Canaria with a smile.

<a href="https://www.freepik.es/fotos/comida">Foto de Comida creado por timolina - www.freepik.es</a>


Food is suposed to energize you.

Our choices concerning how we feed ourselves have a massive impact on our energy levels, the quality of our decisions and our global performance.

During this workation, in every meal we’ll savor a menu created with organic and locally sourced products.

We’ll be guided by Juan Bonny Massieu.

Juan is a pharmacist and organic farmer. Trained as a pharmacist in Madrid and specialized in Nutrition at the University of Navarra.

For more than 30 years have worked as a pharmacist in his own pharmacy, managed his own organic Farm and have run a pharmaceutical Distribution company. Since 2019, when he sold the distribution company, he has been focused on the world of food and Nutrition, running a Nutritional Program in his pharmacy.

He is a nature lover and a strong defender of our environment, participating in various projects through organizations such as Greenpeace, Los Verdes and associations of organic farmers.

He has continued during the years with his training in Nutrition, focused on sports, Cellular Nutrition and Microbiological Therapies. He has practiced Sport throughout his life, focused in the last 15 years on Mountain races.


Libby Hargreaves & Octavio Tejera

Octavio works as a Civil Engineer since 2003, managing projects and teams in the industrial world.

He painfully learned the importance of self management tools to live a livable life. He went through health issues caused by high level of stress and his lack of knowledge of the necessary tools to manage it.

Years later, he helps individuals and teams make their best contribution to the world from calm and directed action.

Libby is the light, heart and soul of the project.

Her passion for sharing knowledge has always guided her.

As a primary school teacher she always left her mark on her students through respect, support and dedication.

In her eagerness to help make the world a healthier and happier place, life led her to become a yoga facilitator and transition to life mentor almost without planning.

Now it is time for her to work with leaders who put people and relationships first. Because she is convinced that when the world is led by healthy, happy, well-intentioned people who act calmly and with direction, there will be a global impact transmitted from leaders to those led. And from those to their families and surroundings.

And she wants that to be her grain of sand.


Hacienda del Buen Suceso

Located in north part of the island, at less then 25 minutes from the city, is one of the quietest places. Surrounded by banana plantations, this old but totally reformed colonial building offers the perfect spot for our purposes.

Really comfortable rooms and cozy spaces, guarantee the necessary rest and tranquility to fully enjoy our time and benefit from all the learnings.

Reserve your spot.

6 + 12 =

Acomplish a new kind of achievement

Become a calm and focused leader in your organization and your personal environment, having the tools to face challenges from inspiration, light and CLARITY.

Leave stress, mental fatigue and fears behind.

@Elizabeth Alice Hargreaves (Pure Clarity Canaries) 2020

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